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Select the Therapy System
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(1) Z-Serum CL and (1) Z-Restor CM (2 mo. supply)
"Collagen Lift System"  

(1) Z-Vanish XT and (1) Z-Restor CM (2 mo. supply)
 "Blemish System"  

(1) Z-Serum CL, (1) Z-Vanish XT, (1) Z-Restor CM
  "Total Lift System"  

Real Science behind Our Products 

Collagen Lift System
Z-Serum CL provides the collagen lift (Botox ® Alternative) wrinkle fill formula to safely provide results without injections, and Z-Restor CM delivers the silky skin restoration via our cream moisturizer that feels like expensive foreign creams that charge $300 - $400 per unit. Early results are based on applying to a clean face first thing in the morning and the last item before bedtime.  After achieving the desired results, reduce treatment to once per day.

Z-Restor CM with POWER C > feels like SILK and is highly absorbed to build new layers with no oily residue. 

Blemish & Spot System Z-Vanish XT
delivers incredible results on growths, blemishes, moles, bumps and facial sores.  NOW, the formula includes an age spot component in the serum that allows you to significantly vanish the blemish or discolored skin and return natural skin tones. Combined with the Z-Restor cream moisturizer, the skin will  smooth out, pores with get smaller and the blemish will diminish. [Details]


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