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Journal, February 2004 - Recent and continuing case studies have confirmed that many of the high quality Botox alternatives are  effective in reducing lines and wrinkles in critical areas of the face.  Of the several products examined, products were especially effective if they contained Argireline in concentrations from 3% to 15%. 




Z-Vanish XT Blemish Serum > Moles, Spots & Lesions Disappear. 
Z-Vanish XT is a product not only designed to provide healing properties for blemishes, bumps and other skin imperfections but it is also formulated to enhance the body's natural protective mechanism against the formation and spread of skin cancer.  Utilizing an all-natural formulation, our team of scientists have developed a unique blend of compounds that are targeting skin cell abnormalities.  XT Serum Complex users have noticed size reduction in bumps, smoother texture on moles targeted for removal and fading of spots on their skin.  The Z-Vanish XT serum is applied in the morning and evening prior to makeup or other creams.  Blemishes that have been there for months or years change their colorization, and/or reduce in size and begin the process of vanishing over time.

How does Z-Vanish XT heal and treat troubled skin?

Z-Vanish XT has been developed for Men and Women of all ages as a topical application to moles, warts, boils, discolorations, freckles, and any other skin abnormalities which possess above average potential for the development of skin cancer, also known as Melanoma.

Z-Vanish XT boosts the body's own protective mechanism to protect against potential skin cancer cell abnormality before it can spread to the internal organs of your body.

There has been an alarming increase in the number of new cases of melanoma each year. Melanoma is increasing at a faster rate than any other cancer. This may be a result of the depletion of the ozone layer.  This is why the our scientists have focused efforts on finding a way of preventing and even reversing this most unforgiving and rapidly spreading form of cancer.

Z-Vanish XT Serum is the only physician recommended non-prescription skincare product for helping reduce blemishes that could lead to cancer.  And Z-Vanish XT is the personal choice of many of these experts for application to their own bodies and those of their families.




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