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Research Comparisons

Journal, February 2004 - Recent and continuing case studies have confirmed that many of the high quality Botox alternatives are  effective in reducing lines and wrinkles in critical areas of the face.  Of the several products examined, products were especially effective if they contained Argireline in concentrations from 3% to 15%. 

Z-Serum CL, with a 20% + concentration of this unique active ingredient, was found to be the most effective in reducing wrinkles and lines.  Further studies are warranted to determine if even higher concentrations can be developed to further increase the effectiveness of Serum CL.


Z-Serum CL > Collagen Lift, Anti-Wrinkle Alternative.
In the last six years, scientists, under the initial direction of a Nobel Prize winning microbiologist, have uncovered proven and effective formulations to counteract and reverse the effects of the aging skin, the largest organ in the human body.  One of the lab certified Ztox skin care formulas is now available that performs a miraculous collagen lift by relaxing the muscles around wrinkles and stimulating collagen production in the crevices to plump, fill and repair the skin without injections. The test subjects and introductory customers have achieved phenomenal results.  Z-Serum CL is rapidly absorbed into the skin with topical application. Noticeable results in less than 30 days with a dramatic skin difference in 60 days.  It can even add many months between Botox® treatments.  

What causes wrinkles?

The primary cause of wrinkling, puckering, and other skin imperfections is called cross-linking.  This is caused when a build-up of free radical toxic plaque binds your skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, causing your skin’s supportive structure to become inflexible and unhealthy, leading to cavities (holes) in the structural layer beneath your outer skin.  As the muscles beneath the skin are continually contracting against these cavities, it causes your outer skin to fold into furrows, making your visible skin wrinkled and uneven. 

By dissolving the cross-linking, by counteracting the free radicals, and by enhancing the production of new collagen and elastin fibers, you can strengthen the skin’s supportive structure and reduce the number and size of the cavities in your skin, thereby reducing wrinkling and creating a softer, more even skin texture. This is the mechanism by which our skin therapy products can improve your skin and minimize wrinkles.

Great Advantage over Injections

A great advantage of Z- Serum CL is that the active working ingredients in our skincare products are not harmful to any part of the body...which means that it can be used on skin anywhere on your body: face, neck, hands, legs, everywhere.  And the outcome is the same to rebuild the structure of the skin and deliver younger looking skin.

Remember, the Z- Serum CL approach is to make a big difference in the way you will look in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and more from now.  THAT is the proper comparison. 

There is also an immediate result possible with the use of Z-Serum CL, which contains ARGIRELINE, a skin muscle relaxant that works to interrupt the contraction signals to the facial muscles that create fine lines and deep wrinkles. While the other active ingredients improve your skin, Serum CL provides wrinkle reduction results without the injections.

Z-Serum CL actually extends the life of Botox® injections.  It makes Botox® last longer.  Instead of spending up to $400 per Botox® treatment for 3 or 4 times per year, you can cut that number in half with concurrent use of both products.  

Why the Z-Serum CL? 
Z-Serum CL was designed to:

  • Penetrate facial skin through the use of a unique proprietary delivery system to reach deep into the layers of your skin.

  • Deliver two sets of active ingredients deep into your skin-one set (Argireline) to relax the facial muscles much like Botox so that the cavities in your skin are not revealed at the outer layers as wrinkles, the other set of active ingredients promotes collagen synthesis to repair and rebuild the damaged structure of your skin to eliminate wrinkles in the long run.

  • Contain 20% of a very expensive and biologically sound peptide that clinical studies have shown to effectively reduce wrinkles.

There is legitimate science behind  Z-Serum CL as is the case with all our skin therapy products.  The science method used to determine the efficacy of any ingredient was developed by a Nobel Prize winning scientist for his contributions in Medicine and Human Physiology.  Z-Serum CL is BOTH a short-term and a long term solution to wrinkles.



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