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Journal, February 2004 - Recent and continuing case studies have confirmed that many of the high quality Botox alternatives are  effective in reducing lines and wrinkles in critical areas of the face.  Of the several products examined, products were especially effective if they contained Argireline in concentrations from 3% to 15%. 



Z-Restor CM > Cream Moisturizer with C Plus Restoration. 
This silky cream moisturizer is like the expensive high end cosmetic company creams that sell for $300 to $400 per unit.  Z-Restor CM provides the same texture, quality and ingredients plus Z- Power C with high absorption stimulators to restore skin cells and even out facial skin tones for a fraction of the cost. The formula does not contain water or fillers to provide non- greasy and non-oily applications that absorb deep into the skin without any residue.  The product is designed to provide healing properties for restoring skin cells to the their youthful appearance.

What are the advantages of Vitamin C applied to the skin?

Vitamin C plays an important role in cell regeneration and the formation of collagen. Collagen is a key structural component of skin, bones and other tissues. It helps to keep the skin firm and healthy.  Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory effects as well as to heal skin that is damaged, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, plays a significant role in skin care by reversing aging and preventing skin damage. The ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, retard formation of melanin and neutralize free radicals are the fundamental components of our modern day skin care concepts

Vitamin C turns out to be the major way that the body protects itself from living in an oxygen rich atmosphere. In the course of metabolism in our tissues, and in the course of being exposed by the sun, we generate something called reactive oxygen species, or free radicals, which can be quite destructive to tissues, and we have to protect against this.  It turns out that ascorbic acid is a simple molecule and it's, if you will, God's own choice for solving this problem of getting rid of these free radicals.

Virtually every plant and organism on the face of the earth uses this mechanism to protect themselves from burning up. Humans are one of the few organisms that don't make their own vitamin C, we actually have to eat the vitamin C that's been made in the plant. 

Why Z-Restor CM?

  • Z-Restor CM is a corrective, firming, restorative and highly moisturizing Gel-Creme. 

  • Helps to counteract harmful environmental factors that prematurely age skin. 

  • Helps skin regain tone, radiance, and inner vitality. 

  • This concentrated anhydrous gel-creme formula works beneath surface skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

Why not just swallow vitamin C? -  The amount of vitamin C that you can get into skin by eating vitamin C is very tightly controlled. The body has mechanisms that limit the amount that can be absorbed and the amount that actually can be delivered to the skin. So we thought that if we could actually put it where we wanted it to be, that maybe we could get it there in very high concentrations and have a biologic effect.




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