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Collagen Lift for Wrinkles without Injections
Alternative Anti-Wrinkle Therapy - In the last six years, scientists, under the initial direction of a Nobel Prize winning microbiologist, have uncovered proven and effective formulations to counteract and reverse the effects of aging skin, the largest organ in the human body.  One of the lab certified Ztox skin care formulas is now available that performs a miraculous collagen lift by relaxing the muscles around wrinkles and stimulating collagen production in the crevices to plump, fill and repair the skin without injections. The test subjects and introductory customers have achieved phenomenal results.  Z-Serum CL is rapidly absorbed into the skin with topical application. You will notice results in less than 20 days with a dramatic skin difference in 60 days.  It can even extend the time between Botox® treatments.

News & Reviews.  Z-Serum CL sets the new standard for highest concentration of active ingredients. Clinical studies have shown that the proprietary delivery process is increasing wrinkle reduction by over 50%.

Serum with Spot Vanish
.  Moles, Spots and Lesions Disappear - Z-Vanish XT is a product not only designed to provide healing properties for blemishes, bumps and other skin imperfections but it is also formulated to enhance the body's natural protective mechanism against the formation and spread of skin cancer.  Utilizing an all-natural formulation, our team of scientists have developed a unique blend of natural compounds that are targeting skin cell abnormalities.  XT Serum Complex users have noticed size reduction in bumps, smoother texture on moles targeted for removal and fading of spots on their skin.  The Z-Vanish XT serum is applied in the morning and evening prior to makeup or other creams.  Blemishes that have been there for months or years change their colorization, and/or reduce in size and begin the process of vanishing over time.

News & Reviews.  New Z-Vanish XT reports are in about many customers that have seen age spots, surface scars and other blemishes on hands, arms and face blend into natural skin tones or simply disappear.

Z-Restor CM with Skin Tone Refiner
  Cream Moisturizer with C Plus Restoration - This silky cream moisturizer is luxurious like the expensive high end cosmetic company creams that sell for $300 to $400 per unit.  Z-Restor CM provides a pure elegant texture with high concentration of ingredients including Z-Power C with high absorption stimulators to restore skin cells and even out facial skin tones for a fraction of the cost.  The formula does not contain water or fillers and delivers non-oily applications that absorb deep into the skin without residue. The product is designed to provide healing properties for restoring skin cells to the their youthful appearance.

News & Reviews.  Female users are very excited about the even skin tones they are seeing after just a few applications of the luxurious Z-Restor cream moisturizer. The even skin tone requires less makeup for the desired look.


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